Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well, Karen is my hero and she saved the day.

When I left ya'all, I was sitting at the kitchen table with a bunch of unrecognizable food and no clue how to cook it. The first recipe I tried was a red lentil is below. It smelled so very good. I was so cocky, it looked like my first recipe was going to be good and I could actually do this. I was letting it simmer and I decided to taste was just plum awful. It tasted nothing...lumpy nothing. ewww. Karen came upstairs just as I was getting ready to Christen the garbage pail with a vegetarian delight. She tasted it and told me to get the salt and the ??? (it's a red powder, and she told me it would taste good.) I think the red powder stuff was kinda hot but have no idea. After she was done doctoring it, it tasted pretty darn good.

I was going to try buckwheat pancakes for dinner. Kids had bacon with theirs. I specially bought blueberries for the pancakes and guess what??? Yep I forgot to put them in. At the last minute I was able to put blueberries in the last set of pancakes. Everyone got a blueberry pancake; Stewart (the kid who gets blueberry muffins at Tim's) decide that he doesn't like blueberries in his pancake (I guess he only likes fake blueberry bits not real ones). I ate his, as a show of support of his independance. Really it was nothing to do with the fact that everyone else was munching on bacon and I felt a little ...ummm... upset. The buckwheat pancakes were pretty good, not light and fluffy. I will see if I can find something that will add to their fluffyness. Maybe my baking soda is old???

Tonight, I am making beans in the slow cooker. I will turn it off in the morning...hmmm, we will see.

I think today all my rainbows and lollipops view of veganism fell away. I think if I do this, I will never love food again. I guess that is a little duh. Like altoids are a little strong.

I'll let you know how the beans turn out...hopefully Karen will be available for a consult. lol

God Bless,

Greek Red Lentil Soup

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CannedAm said...

check out She is fully vegan now so all her recipes are vegan. Not sure if she's still got some old ones up that aren't vegan, but all the current stuff is vegan. It all looks so damned yummy, too!