Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Going to bed now but I thought I'd let ya'all know..

how Darlene's recipe turned out...YUM!!!

Yay for friends who know how to cook. I had to change the cumin for that red spice...accessing accessing ah yes Chili. And I didn't have any fresh Ginger root hanging around so I substituted ginger spice. Still, it tasted wonderful. It is sitting on the counter so that I can put it away tomorrow. Tomorrow I think I'm going to try Vegetarian Ratatouille. It doesn't have any recommendations, but my sister Irene's friend recommended a vegetarian ratatouille as a good recipe...we'll see how capable I am of making it.

I am going tomorrow to look at houses. Hubby believes if I see some houses that I like, I may be spurred into working on the house...hmmmm. Will have an open mind.

God Bless,

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