Monday, October 13, 2008

Well, vegetarians don't eat turkey...what???

Oh boy, never was veganism so hard. I travelled down to Southern Ontario to visit my sisters and my mom and the whole clan. It was wonderful. Have I told you how very cool my family is. My sisters all sat around and cooked and served and cleaned and laughed non-stop. Everyone had such good food. My sisters all made sure to bring me something that I could Otherwise I would have starved...NOT.

It wasn't thanksgiving proper that was hard, it was getting there and back. Okay, 8 hours (at least) of driving each way. And no coffee...this is where I tell you with my sweetest voice..."Not in this century". Okay I only had 3 coffees there and back...okay they had all sorts of bad stuff in them...okay they were extra large...according to Tim's web site an extra large is 20 oz. For the record an extra large triple triple has 5,000,000,000 calories in each one. (420 calories for those who really care). Coffee aside there is nothing to eat on the road. I ended up bringing trail mix, and soups in tupperware but where do you stop to heat them (have you seen the KD commercial with the guy moving all his stuff and he uses the fish's water and a microwave he is moving to make the KD)? We stopped at a swiss chalet and they tried to heat the soup...I ended up with cold carrot soup... isn't that a delicacy somewhere???

On the way back it was even worse because it was late and everything was closed. Stopped at a pizza pizza. They have the gluten free pizza, but unfortunately due to an ordering problem, mine came with real cheese...oops...yum...oops. It's like the lady at a restaurant who says to the waiter "I'd like to order a salad, but if you bring me a cheeseburger by mistake there is a huge tip in it for you."

Today was our anniversary...woot 18 years married and a couple before that dating. We discussed whether we were together longer than we were apart. We started dating mid-January of 1988. I was born in February 1968. It is now October 2008. I did all the math (it's incredible how hard math is when you can't add) and we have been dating/together/married longer than we were single/teenagers/short people. So where did we go out to eat...don't was bad...really bad...I was close to throwing up. Don't get me wrong the food tasted heavenly, but my body's reaction to it...well it was less than enthusiastic. So note to self, from now on make special dinners at home so that we can get to the romance.

One of our friends Lorraine sent me some recipes:

Butternut Squash and Pear soup

Now the one problem I have with this recipe is that I have a butternut and a buttercup squash...which one is which???? I originally bought them for a recipe that calls for 2 cups of problem I can do that. But when they want one or the other...we have a small problem. The squash are having an identity crisis.

Anyway Good Night and God Bless,

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