Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Depression and Veganism

Well, I've tried to keep my depression out of this blog... I wanted to give the vegan thing a chance. From the first week on, I've been battling depression. I went to a vegan website and asked if anyone had any suggestions about things I could try to fix my depression. I got yelled at. People suggested that I was lying about my depression and that it certainly was not linked to the vegan diet. I am telling you it is linked (at least for me). I also called the doctor who had suggested that the vegan diet would help me. I told him I was depressed and he said it wasn't linked to the food changes... I will be looking for someone who can help me. I am convinced that my problems are linked to my intolerances. It is so affected by my food. If anyone has any suggestions on who I could call/talk to/visit.

On a lighter note, John got a big paycheck today and we are out of debt...yay!!! I think I will celebrate by taking out a car


Kelly said...

i just happened to be searching the web and found this. I became a vegan a few months ago and was also depressed. Being a vegan means you have to really monitor nutrient intake...especially B12. I recommend the book How it All Vegan and some others that she lists in the beginning where she thanks people. One was written by a nutritionist (I loaned my copy to a friend and never got it back) and it really helped me. Be sure you arent just eating veggie dogs and chips...while these things ARE vegan, the idea behind it (at least for me) is not just to avoid eggs, meat, and dairy, but to eat better food overall you know? More veggies, less high fructose corn syrup (which it turns out, is in EVERYTHING, even ketchup!) Hope this helps! :)

i started taking a b12 supplement and googled foods that have a lot of B12 and ate those every day....and that depression turned right around! Good luck!

gapastorelli said...

Hi, I found your blog while searching links between veganism and depression.
I'd decided to eat a strict vegan diet at the end of December for a year to see how it affected my menstrual cycles, which are like clockwork and mostly uneventful (except 2-3 days of bitchy)
I actually decided to eat meat this week because what I experienced during my luteal phase was one step short of admitting myself to a psych ward (not because I was schizo, but because I became depressed so fast and intensely)
I had tried to be vegetarian in my late teens and became anemic. This time, I was (and still am) taking Floradix (iron/B12 supplement), Evening Primrose Oil, Hemp Seed Oil I fancy myself a budding nutrition buff, and I really felt on top of it.
I don't eat/drink processed soy, but was eating legumes/nuts/seeds daily. Not a junk food omni, and def not a junk food vegan.
For now, I'm gonna keep meat intake to once a week and see if I can't function that way.
I don't know if that's possible for you, having not read the rest of your blog. My reason for exploring a vegan diet was not ethical (though I am aware of factory farming evils)
I have lots of questions and thoughts about this issue, if you want to discuss it more hit me up.
I've run into similar problems in my quest for factual information, and I am very interested in how people can live healthfully on alternative diets